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Can Multiple Myeloma Be Funny? Why not!

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Can Multiple Myeloma Be Funny? Why not!

Here is a fun list of zany terms as experienced by one of our readers–a multiple myeloma patient named Charlotte:

Last spring, under the influence of Dex, I decided to name a few

things. I have taught Medical Terminology and just had to start my own
personal MM terminology. So, hope this is fun for all of you! Remember
I was under the Dex!

BMB – Bone Marrow Biopsy = Dip ‘n Chip (to collect Salsa) OR Drill and
Sledge (as in hammer) – actually my BMBs have been fine.
All those meds = The Big Swallow
The actual pills = The Rainbow Assortment
Anemic increases = Weak Week
Sunday = Super Day
Monday = Dex Day or Monster Monday
Tuesday = Snoozie Tuesday
Wednesday = Will I Wednesday (as in stay awake at all?)
Thursday = Terrific Thursday
Friday = Flaky Friday especially on Weak Week
Saturday = Successful Saturday!


Thank you for sending me your list, Charlotte!  I can certainly relate!
Feel good–and I hope Charlotte’s list helps you keep smiling!  Pat