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CaringBridge Helps Cancer Patients Interact With Family & Friends

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CaringBridge Helps Cancer Patients Interact With Family & Friends

Are most of you familiar with CaringBridge?  This free, interactive service is the largest of several blog/journal type sites for those of us with serious medical conditions.  Since I blog daily on this and our site, I don’t use CaringBridge as often as I did starting a few months after my diagnosis.  Journaling on the site helped me in two different ways:  First, it helped me organize my thoughts and update friends and family.  But the best part was all of the positive notes I received on the site’s guestbook—a feature allowing those reading CaringBridge to comment on my condition—sending best wishes and positive vibes.  It was overwhelming reading notes from so many people—some I barely knew. Very uplifting!

Here is a comment an old friend and mother of a fellow multiple myeloma survivor left on my CaringBridge site last week:

Tuesday, March 2, 2010 6:25 PM, CST

Pat,  Sometimes your blog just won’t accept my comment and sometimes it does, so I am glad I can write to you on here.  I think I was just as devastated by your news as your own mother would have been.  I always felt as long as Pat doesn’t need a SCT then neither does Steve.  He always seems to be in the same place as you -healthwise.   He will be checked again in April.  So far he is without any chemo of any kind since July but he knows he could sometime start getting back to where he will need it again.  Velcade and Dex. is what knocked him down to remission in July.  He had taken it only a short time so he is hoping to go back on that when he needs to but he feels so good now with taking nothing except curcumin.  Whatever you decide is best for you, is what you have to do.  Only you can know what is best. You have read up on this MM more than anyone I know so I trust whatever you decide to do.  Good bless you.   Steve’s mom  “Mikie”   

Marilyn Smith- Edina, Minnesota

Thanks, Marilyn! And good luck to Steve—he’s a great guy! For those of you that feel CaringBridge might help you or someone you love, go to:  CaringBridge.Org.  I have also included a link to my CaringBridge site on the upper right side of this page.
Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat