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Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation Awards One Million Dollar Research Grant

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Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation Awards One Million Dollar Research Grant

Good news from the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF) about an impressive one million dollar grant it recently awarded for continued multiple myeloma research:

The Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF) and MannKind Corporation announced that MannKind has successfully achieved all milestones of a research agreement with MMRF to develop a novel, first-in-class inhibitor for the treatment of multiple myeloma. The MMRF awarded MannKind a $1 million grant through its 2007 Biotech Investment Award programme, a multi-year, results-driven commitment to fund the development of innovative and effective treatments for multiple myeloma, based on clearly defined milestones.

The final milestone of the research agreement was achieved based on selection of an IRE-1a (inositol-requiring enzyme-1) inhibitor for evaluation in the preclinical studies that are required to file an Investigational New Drug Application (IND) with the US Food and Drug Administration.

Results from nonclinical studies show that the IRE-1a compound inhibits growth of tumour cells by selectively targeting and inhibiting the key signalling process that regulates protein folding and facilitates cell death, known as the IRE-1a and XBP-1 (X-box binding protein-1) pathway. Researchers believe that by restoring normal cell regulation and function, tumour cells no longer continue to multiply, and become more susceptible to common oncology treatments, such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy and other therapies used to prevent the growth of new blood vessels in solid tumours.
You can read more by clicking on the MMRF link on the upper right side of this page–or by going to: “MannKind achieves all milestones of research pact with MMRF to develop new therapy,” an article
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