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Myeloma Hope Blog Offers Detailed Insight Into Pomalidomide Clinical Trial

Posted on March 09 2010 by Pat Killingsworth | 692 views

A dear friend of mine, Don Wright, has an excellent blog with lots of medical detail.  Don has been part of a very successful pomalidomide study at Mayo Clinic.  Pomalidomide is an analogue, or second generation relative of Revlimid.  Revlimid is a second generation improvement over Thalomid.  Thalomid is currently approved for use in newly diagnosed myeloma patients.  Revlimid should soon follow–for now it is only FDA approved for refractory myeloma–although it is often used “off label” for newly diagnosed patients.  Pomalidomide is the next generation of this family tree of drugs, manufactured by Celgene.  Don is part of a Stage II pomalidomide trial that looks very promising–as the results posted on his blog clearly show.  Even though each of the new drugs was designed to be an improvement on the former, myeloma docs are discovering that all three have a place in treating multiple myeloma.  Up to 50% of patients who are become resistant to one of these drugs still respond to another.  One “improvement” has to do with side effects:  On average, Revlimid causes less peripheral neuropathy (PN) than Thalomid.  Early first had reports from the latest pomalidomide studies point to continued improvement in this area. 

Don’s site is called Myeloma Hope.  The detail you will find there is fascinating–and hopefully will help you better understand your disease as well.
Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat

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