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Reader Support For Respecting Diverse Therapy Decisions Made By Multiple Myeloma Patients

Posted on March 02 2010 by Pat Killingsworth | 553 views

I often reference e-mail comments I get behind the scenes about articles posted here from all over the world.  This reader has graciously allowed me to reproduce an example of this–a copy of her e-mail commenting on the article I wrote a week ago entitled, “Can’t Multiple Myeloma Patients, Caregivers and Bloggers Just Get Along?”

Just a note to “thank you”…….I so appreciate all the info you provide on your blog. I was diagnosed at age 56 with last stage Multiple Myeloma and kidney failure in the emergency room. I was told I’d had MM for approximately three to six months. After several months of Velcade, I raced to stem cell transplant. It was tough; still is. You wouldn’t be able to convince me that I made the wrong decision, as I felt physically and emotionally it was “right for me”. I have had a complete response to transplant for 3 1/2 yrs now. I return to Mayo every three months as it is expected the MM will return just as aggressively as it did initially, so I don’t for one minute feel “cured”. I believe we each have the right to choose what makes sense for us and I’m appalled that anyone would tell another patient they made the wrong decision. Knowledge is power….let’s continue to share our stories and experiences and be grateful for the options we have. Blessings to all…..Shirley

Thank you, Shirley!  I hope your CR lasts for many, many years to come!
Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat

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