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I have always been a vivid dreamer. I’m into dreams, but I’ve never used a dream journal or had any of my dreams analyzed. Late last night/early this morning I had the most significant and telling dream sequence. Let me preface this by saying my dreams always have a plot. They are like a television mini-series in my head. Ever since I was a kid, I have always liked dramas. Forget reality shows or sitcoms! I watched Dallas or West Wing. These days I watch Good Wife or Medium. Anyway, just like those prime time soap operas, my dreams take a number of twist and turns. And like those TV dramas, sometimes the plot twists are believable and sometimes they aren’t.

I often see meaning in my dreams. But mostly I can connect them with some recent event which shows up in the plot. Someone I met the day before appears in an unrelated guest role. Or a concern from my day pops up, as an analogy, in the most unexpected place.

Back to the dream. My wife Pattie and I were both moving freely throughout the dream-scape with IV’s in tow. We were both expected to die any moment—terminal cancer—what a stretch, right? But you know what? It never happened! I remember thinking: Why am I still here? Why aren’t we in pain? Why do I feel so good? Soon, we both started floating around the office suite in a high rise building. I was amazed to be alive. But I was also afraid of falling out of the air. I sputtered and almost dropped several times. But I told myself to relax and go with the flow. It worked? I was floating and flying under control with only an occasional fear of falling. It was dicy, since the walls of the suite soon melted away, leaving me exposed to the outside, far above the ground. Still no crash. Soon the IV disappeared. So did Pattie. I was left alone, flying from room to room as the plot continued.

How cool is that! Sure beats falling uncontrollably and waking up just before you hit the ground! (I had that dream often growing up—bet many of you did, too!) I know one thing: I didn’t want to wake up! It’s a lot of fun being in control—a rare feeling in our multiple myeloma world!

Feel good and keep smiling… I think I’m going to try and take a nap to see if I can remember how to fly! Pat