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Multiple Myleloma Time Out!

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Multiple Myleloma Time Out!

It’s 7 am. Pattie and I are getting ready to head to northern Florida—the panhandle—for my best friend’s wedding. My college roommate, Tim Hanna, is marrying a wonderful woman named Lisa. They have been seeing each other for several years now. Tim is the three term mayor of Appleton, Wisconsin, a small city of about 100,000 people near Green Bay. Lisa lives in Appleton as well and manages a credit union there. They both love Florida—especially the Gulf Coast. Having vacationed in Panama Beach in the past (and knowing Pattie and I now live in Florida), Tim and Lisa decided to get married here in Florida. The wedding is scheduled for Friday morning—on the beach. How fun! I will be best man. We would be more excited if it wasn’t a six hour drive from our home here north of Tampa. But we have never been to that part of the state. The weather forecast looks spectacular—sunny and 80 degrees each day. I am in between Revlimid cycles, so my energy level is good. My bone pain has been tough to deal with lately, but it isn’t anything a little warm weather, Tylenol and oxycodone can’t handle!

Feel good and keep smiling! I will let you know how Friday’s ceremony goes—after all, there is more to life than multiple myeloma, right? Pat