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Quick Update From Panama Beach, Florida Wedding

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Quick Update From Panama Beach, Florida Wedding

Hello from sunny Panama Beach!  My best friend’s wedding went off without a hitch this morning.  Beautiful, sunny weather.  A gorgeous bride, Lisa.  Delightful family and guests.  I was best man–and didn’t lose the rings!  Everyone was bare foot and all are happy and sun burned.  Congratulations Tim and Lisa!  Tonight we will all meet at an international Jazz Fest held nearby.  No wi-fi in our very large, well appointed gulf-side suite,  (Is that even possible in 2010?)  so I can’t write long. I felt great today!  Little if any talk about multiple myeloma, cancer or meds. 

Even though I am technically challenged, Pattie and I will post wedding pictures when we return home next week. I rarely get to see Tim or his now adult children–it’s great to be able to re-connect and catch-up. I hope all of you can experience a day (or more!) like this soon! Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat