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Sunday Was My Third Anniversary Living With Multiple Myeloma

Posted on April 07 2010 by Pat Killingsworth | 573 views

I passed an important milestone this weekend: Pattie and I celebrated (is that what you call it?) the third anniversary of my multiple myeloma diagnosis. Several new myeloma drugs have been approved since my diagnosis, and median life expectancies have almost doubled. Still, three years seems like a big deal to me—especially since I was told I probably only had three or four years to live when I was first diagnosed.

I have made a point of reflecting upon my physical and emotional state—and reassesing where I stand—each year around this time. My conclusion this year: Even though my myeloma is “creeping back,” it is doing so very slowly. My 10 mg 14 days on/14 days off dosing with Revlimid continues to keep my cancer in check. And when it does stop working, I still have a number of therapy options available to try. So the future looks bright—as bright as it can for those of us living our “new normal!”

Feel good and keep smiling!

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  1. Feresa Says:

    Happy Anniversary! Here's to many more.

  2. Bob OC Says:

    Congratulations on reaching the three-year milestone, Pat. And thank you so much for making a HUGE difference in the lives of so many people. I'm not sure you realize how much your optimism and information helps those of us who were lucky enough to find you online. Keep up the good work! – Bob O'C

  3. Pat & Pattie Killingsworth Says:

    Thank you! Helping is what keeps me going. Bob and Feresa, your comments made my day! Pat

  4. Steven L. Ritter Says:

    Pat: Congratulations!!!! Three years is such a short time and it is my prayer that it is just the start! I also want to thank you for what you do. It is easy to just let this consume you but you really have made this into something positive. Your blog is one of the things I look forward to each day.

  5. Pat & Pattie Killingsworth Says:

    Thanks, Steve! But not so fast–wait until you read tomorrow's "not so positive, serious and reflective" post- Pat

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