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Back To Basics: What Is Induction Therapy? Why Is It Important For Treating Multiple Myeloma?

Posted on May 29 2010 by Pat Killingsworth | 1,519 views

Recent e-mails have reminded me just how many newly diagnosed patients and/or caregivers log-on to this site each and every day. Keeping this in mind, I thought it was time to bring back my “Back to Basics” series, designed to help bring our new readers up to speed.

One question: What is induction therapy? According to the book, 100 Questions & Answers About Myeloma, induction therapy is a term given to the initial phase of treatment for multiple myeloma. The most common drug combinations used today during the induction phase of treatment include Thalomid, Revlimid or Velcade almost always combined with the steroid dexamethasone. Sometimes prednisone is substituted for dexamethasone and combined with melphalan, expecially in older patients.

Dr. Durie mentioned induction therapy during yesterday’s newsconference.  He discussed the pros and cons of combining Velcade with Revlimid or Thalomid during induction.  Scroll back to yesterday’s coverage of the event for details.

For more multiple myeloma basics, you can purchase 100 Questions & Answers About Myeloma from our Help With Cancer Bookstore at a discounted price of $10. Simply click on the title above and it will take you there.

Feel good, keep smiling and good luck to all of our new readers—and remember—there is hope! 

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