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Here Is A Link To Mayo Clinic’s Consensus Multiple Myeloma Treatment Strategy For Newly Diagnosed Patients: mSMART

Posted on May 22 2010 by Pat Killingsworth | 23,846 views

Mayo Clinic has come up with a name and treatment map for newly diagnosed multiple myeloma patients called mSMART. mSMART (Mayo Stratification for Myeloma And Risk-adapted Therapy) is a consensus opinion by 26 of Mayo Clinic’s myeloma specialists, which takes into account genetically determined risk status and the various treatment strategies currently available.

Go to mSMART Treatment Map to learn more about the recommended treatment options for newly diagnosed patients. 

From my experience, this is a conservative, tried and true composite of generally accepted multiple myeloma treatment strategies.  Newly diagnosed patients who are exploring all of their treatment options should also check into preferred treatment strategies from other major myeloma treatment centers.  For example, on the other extreme, The University of Arkansas Myeloma Institute recommends a much more aggressive treatment program–and there are many in between.

I know it isn’t fair to expect newly diagnosed cancer patients to learn so much, so fast–then research myeloma treatment centers and docs.  But it’s your body and your future.  And right now–for better or worse–most myeloma patients have lots of treatment options.

Feel good, keep smiling and get some help with all of this research.  Contact an IMF counselor, read sites like mine and The Myeloma Beacon–then shop around!  Pat

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