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Message To My Fellow Multiple Myeloma Patients: Just Hold On!

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Message To My Fellow Multiple Myeloma Patients: Just Hold On!

As I was sitting uncomfortably in my way-too-small seat, waiting to take off from Charlotte, North Carolina on my way to a support group meeting Saturday afternoon in Jackson, Mississippi, I happened to be reading the latest Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF) newsletter. There I stumbled upon a chart listing the all of the myeloma drugs currently being used in Phase II and III clinical trials. The page was filled with exotic, difficult to pronounce drug names and hyphenated, mysterious code-like numbers. I recognized several of the drugs on the list. I also found four or five I was not familiar with.

After studying the list for a few minutes, looking for a possible story idea about some numbered, yet to be named obscure drug, I said to myself: “Hang in there, buddy—just hold on!”

I was filled with hope. I know, I know—every cancer patient tells his or herself to just find a way to stay alive until the “cure” for their particular cancer rolls along. But at that moment it all seemed so real—so achievable. I had just experienced a technological epiphany! My “hang in there” plan was going to work! I was going to be around for a long, long time! I was 51 years young when I was initially diagnosed with multiple myeloma. I immediately gave up any thoughts of long term planning—my whole reality became the here and now. I dared think in only one, two or three year increments. But this list was so long and detailed and promising. Might my reality include another five years, or ten years—or even longer? I reached into my overstuffed black lap-top carrying case and pulled out an older, yet unread edition of Money Magazine. Time to start saving and planning for my retirement!

Feel good and keep smiling! Pat