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Monthly Archives: May 2010

10 05, 2010

Message To My Fellow Multiple Myeloma Patients: Just Hold On!

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As I was sitting uncomfortably in my way-too-small seat, waiting to take off from Charlotte, North Carolina on my way to a support group meeting Saturday afternoon in Jackson, Mississippi, I happened to be reading the latest Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF) newsletter. There I stumbled upon a chart listing the all of the myeloma drugs

9 05, 2010

The New Multiple Myeloma Support Group In Jackson, Mississippi Rocks!

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I really enjoyed meeting all of the multiple myeloma patients and caregivers at Saturday's support group meeting in Jackson, Mississippi! The group uses a very nice special events room at the Corner Bakery Cafe each month. Wendy Mosier, a nurse in the BMT unit at the University of Mississippi Medical Center, along with Fran from

8 05, 2010

Jackson, Mississippi Here I Come!

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7:30 am.  I am getting ready to board my US Air flight to Charlotte, North Carolina, on my way to Jackson, Mississippi.  I am honored to be the first speaker at a new, multiple myeloma support group there.  The meeting starts at 2:00 PM today. I will let you know how things go in an

7 05, 2010

More About Multiple Myeloma Patients Who Have Gone On To Live Normal & Inspirational Lives: Sometimes Things Don’t Work Out Like We Plan

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One year ago, I met a large, strong, outgoing multiple myeloma patient named Elijah Alexander.  Elijah was helping Millinnium Pharmaceuticals form a Patient Advisory Board. My first impressions of Elijah were overwhelming. He lit up a room when he walked in. His presence was undeniable—not just because he was a former NFL linebacker and a

6 05, 2010

Lots Of Multiple Myeloma Related News

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Here are a number of multiple myeloma related news stories which have emerged over the past few days:Posted on 05/05/2010 in Pharmaceutical Company Product News Boehringer Ingelheim is to enter into partnership with cancer antibody specialist Micromet in order to develop a new treatment for multiple myeloma.The two firms' collaboration will be centred on a BiTE

5 05, 2010

Stories About Multiple Myeloma Patients Who Have Gone On To Live Normal & Inspirational Lives: Round Three

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The past two days I have shared my admiration for two very special multiple myeloma survivors I know from Minnesota.  Today I would like to write about a third.  Minnesota Don, as he is called, writes an exceptional weekly blog.  Don is part of a research study featuring pomalidomide.  Pomalidomide is a newer, hopefully improved

3 05, 2010

Part One Of A Two Week Series About Multiple Myeloma Patients Who Have Gone On To Live Normal & Inspirational Lives

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Today I am introducing a series about a number of multiple myeloma survivors and patients. Most are living normal or near normal lives following their cancer diagnosis. A few are still having a rough time. I will also be going back into our archives, reviving inspirational stories of myeloma patients I have met and reported

3 05, 2010

A Multiple Myeloma Patient’s Quality Of Life Often Gets Lost In Improving Life Expectancy Media Hype

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Here is a copy of the comment left yesterday by one of our readers, about Millennium's press release about longer survival rates when using Velcade:whiteandmissing said... That’s great but what about quality of life while taking this standard of care. My quality has greatly diminished since diagnosis and transplant and with no current treatment I am

1 05, 2010


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My good friend at Millennium, Manisha Pai, forwarded me this press release about the new VISTA/Velcade study results last evening:-- Front-line use of VELCADE with melphalan and prednisone improves clinical benefit compared to conventional treatment --CAMBRIDGE, Mass., April 29, 2010 -- Millennium: The Takeda Oncology Company today announced the publication of results from the 682-patient,