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Read More About The Faces Of Multiple Myeloma

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Read More About The Faces Of Multiple Myeloma

I write a column for The Myeloma Beacon every Thursday.  This week’s column focuses on Cathy Grant, Dr. Lee Green and a program called Moffitt Diversity.  Moffitt Cancer Center is located on the north edge of Tampa, Florida, and adjoins the University of South Florida campus. 

The Moffitt Diversity program was designed to help previously under served minority patients gain access to Moffitt’s wide array of anti-cancer programs and specialists.  Go to: Pat’s Place: Encouraging Minorities With Myeloma To Seek The Best Cancer Care to read my column.

Speaking of The Beacon, another multiple myeloma patient and contributor, Lou Ganim, wrote an especially memorable column this month, sharing his thoughts and feelings about how one’s life changes following a cancer diagnosis.  I highly recommend you read Lou’s column:  Birds in Spring: I Just Want My Old, Carefree Life Back!

I spend a lot of time focusing on the development of new anti-myeloma drugs and emerging treatment strategies.  Readers often remind me not to forget about patients and caregivers—the faces of multiple meyloma.  These two articles do just that.  Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat