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Monthly Archives: August 2010

31 08, 2010

Comments/Clarification About Yesterday’s Troubling Bloomberg Article Questioning Onyx Pharma’s Ability To Fast Track Carfilzomib

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I wanted to follow-up on yesterdays article, Ouch! Could There Be A Delay With Fast-Track, FDA Approval For New Anti-Myeloma Drug Carfilzomib?Lori Murray, Director of Corporate Communications with Onyx, is quoted in the original Bloomberg article saying "Today’s news about trastuzumab-DM1 does not change our plans. We continue to believe there is a clear unmet

30 08, 2010

Ouch! Could There Be A Delay With Fast-Track, FDA Approval For New Anti-Myeloma Drug Carfilzomib?

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I wanted to get this controversial Bloomberg article out to you right away. It's early, but this doesn't sound good: ImmunoGen Cancer Drug Setback May Signal Delays for Onyx, Seattle Genetics By Ellen Gibson and Catherine Larkin ImmunoGen Inc.’s failure to win an accelerated U.S. review for its cancer drug sent shares down the most

29 08, 2010

Caught Between A Rock & A Hard Place: How Can I Be Critical Of The Company That Is Literally Saving My Life?

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Is it fair to criticize or attack one of the only pharma companies which is producing a group of anti cancer medications—Thalomid/Revlimid/pomalidomide—which actually work? A company, Celgene, which developed a drug—Revlimid--which probably saved my life?Yes! The fact I take Revlimid gives me extra insight and the right to be critical. I am a Celgene customer.

28 08, 2010

Are Sky HIgh Prices Charged For Anti-Multiple Myeloma Drugs Justified? A Good Place To Start: Just Blame The Insurance Companies!

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I want to keep this short and sweet. I ended yesterday's article about the high cost of multiple myeloma chemotherapy drugs this way: Like a good attorney, I can concede the defense's point that high drug prices are needed to support past, current and future research--there is plenty of other evidence proving unfair pricing and

27 08, 2010

Are Sky High Anti-Myeloma Drug Prices Justified?

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Yesterday I provided you with a link to a Wall Street Journal article about the high cost of thalidomide, How Drug's Rebirth as Treatment For Cancer Fueled Price Rises: Once-Demonized Thalidomide Boosts Celgene's Sales; Patients See Costs Soar, by Geeta Anand.Anyone notice when this article was written? November 15, 2004! Six years ago patients were

27 08, 2010

Restrictive New Rules May Limit Access To Velcade For Some Newly Diagnosed Multiple Myeloma Patients In The UK

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Here is an English press release from the company which distributes Velcade in the UK.  Looks like the British may be headed in the wrong direction here:NICE proposes to restrict access to Velcade® (bortezomib)in newly diagnosed multiple myeloma patientsJanssen-Cilag to challenge NICE recommendationJanssen-Cilag, High Wycombe, 26 August 2010 – Janssen-Cilag is disappointed that recommendations from

25 08, 2010

Allogeneic Stem Cell Transplants Using Chord Blood Expands Possible Donor Options For Multiple Myeloma Patients

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Here is a research abstract I found on the site, confirming how using chord blood can be a good allogeneic stem cell transplant alternative:Allogeneic Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation for Hematological Malignancy: Relative Risks and Benefits of Double Umbilical Cord BloodBlood. 2010 Aug 4;[Epub Ahead of Print], CG Brunstein, JA Gutman, DJ Weisdorf, AE Woolfrey, TE

23 08, 2010

Agent Orange, Multiple Myeloma & A Warrior Named Hank

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Yesterday I shared a poem, written by a fellow multiple myeloma patient named Hank, about his battle with multiple myeloma.Hank fought another battle--a battle in Viet Nam.  It is hard to identify hard and fast causes for multiple myeloma.  One of the few which have been identified is exposure to Agent Orange.  Could that be how/why

21 08, 2010

500 Posts & Counting! Positive Tips – Continued

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This is the 500th post I have shared on this site.  I blog here everyday. 7 days a week, including holidays, rain or shine.  Why?  Because multiple myeloma never takes a day off, so neither do I.As promised, here are more positive tips and suggestions from our fellow myeloma patients and caregivers.  Henry (Hank) wrote

19 08, 2010

Detailed Look At RVD Therapy In Newly Diagnosed Multiple Myeloma Patients

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 I have included studies done by Mayo Clinic's Dr. Keith Stewart in the past.  Here is a follow-up article, published in Blood, which discusses the history of developing the successful combination of Revlimid, Velcade and dexamethasone (RVD) in treating newly diagnosed multiple myeloma patients: Union of forces advances myeloma care A. Keith Stewart MAYO CLINIC

18 08, 2010

Promising Research Results Using Kinase Inhibitors Continue To Roll In

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Here is a research abstract, published in Blood, testing the viability of one of the new kinase inhibitors:Targeting TORC2 in multiple myeloma with a new mTOR kinase inhibitor Bao Hoang1, Patrick Frost1, Yijiang Shi1, Eileen Belanger1, Angelica Benavides1, Gholam Pezeshkpour2, Susanna Cappia3, Tommasina Guglielmelli3, Joseph Gera1 and Alan Lichtenstein1,* 1 Division of Hematology Oncology, UCLA-Greater