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A Reader’s Suggestions About Staying Positive With Multiple Myeloma

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A Reader’s Suggestions About Staying Positive With Multiple Myeloma

A fellow multiple myeloma patient and guest columnist at The Myeloma Beacon, Sean Murray,  e-mailed me a number of great suggestions for staying positive while facing myeloma and the pain and hassles we all endure.  I wanted to share Sean’s thoughts with you here today:

Hi, Pat:

Following are some of the things that I have chosen to do to stay positive
and  rattle MM’s cage:

Humor is good medicine. Laughter relieves my stress. I practice this as
often as I am able.

Activity is key to feeling that my life is not imploding, collapsing like a
black hole.  I read, write, exercise, cook, create – anything to maintain
forward motion and to feel alive and vibrant.

As much as I hate MM and wish i didn’t have it, I embrace the experience,
the pain, etc. and try to let it serve as a means to becoming a better

I don’t allow MM to overshadow all of the things in my life for which I am

I focus on my wife, children, pets, friends, etc. This mess I find myself in
is not all about me. We are a connected group which has chosen to be
positive. We choose live life, not fear impending death.

Digging up information about MM allows me to make good decisions and remain
confident that I am  connected to my treatment and my medical professionals.
I’m not some disinterested part of the equation. It’s my life!

I surround myself with positive, hopeful and encouraging people whom neither
pity or coddle me. They challenge me to not only stay in the game, but to

My hope remains strong. Treatments are improving, advances are being made.

My faith tells me that no matter what I face, I will be able to handle the

I’m not a Statistic.  Numbers are important, but I do not allow anyone to
relegate my life to an actuarial table or spreadsheet.

I reach out to others facing MM or other serious illness. This allows me to
know that I can still be of service.

Visualizing positive outcomes lets my mind see potential successful events.
In my mind I can control the world and inch my way (or soar!) to good

Just some quick thoughts! Thank you, Pat!  

Sean was responding to the request I made here yesterday for ideas on how to stay positive while enduring multiple myeloma treatment and the inevitable side effects.   

You can read my column–which includes a number of helpful hints on the subject–starting Thursday afternoon in The Myeloma Beacon.
Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat