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Agent Orange, Multiple Myeloma & A Warrior Named Hank

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Agent Orange, Multiple Myeloma & A Warrior Named Hank

Yesterday I shared a poem, written by a fellow multiple myeloma patient named Hank, about his battle with multiple myeloma.

Hank fought another battle–a battle in Viet Nam.  It is hard to identify hard and fast causes for multiple myeloma.  One of the few which have been identified is exposure to Agent Orange.  Could that be how/why Hank has multiple myeloma today?  How would that feel?   Let’s hear from Hank:

Roller Coaster

(Random Thoughts)

I am on a roller coaster.

I ride up and down.

My mind has been filled with all kinds of good and bad thoughts

But my body is letting me down!

I went to Nam because it seemed like the right thing to do

Wish I knew what I know now……

We were pawns in a no-win war that didn’t matter

Did you get enough of the blood splatter?

We came home to find out we were baby killers

Ain’t that a bitch.

We came home to find out we were sick years later.

Ain’t that another bitch

Have another sip of Agent Orange soldier!

Smell that stuff – 19 million gallons of it!

Ask not what you can do for your country but what your country can do to you!

You have three months to live Veteran – enjoy them.

We killed your kidneys

We are sapping the strength from your legs

Your left hip is dead

But I have three wheelchairs and two walkers

Thanks for serving your country

But I still have my mind and my family and my many friends

No thanks to the politicians –

And in spite of it all I still love my country.

I am proud that I served my country – wrong war – I guess.

Maybe it is time to get rid of the politicians.

Why can’t they do the right thing for our country rather than themselves?

What happened to compromise rather than selfishness?

Tell it like it is baby – enough of the bull shit!

Vote out all incumbents vote in new blood

Will it work? Let’s try it.

I am on a roller coaster – my mind goes up and down

My body wants to go with me but has a hard time staying on the ground.

I can barely stand up at times and I fall down.

I am on a roller coaster – my mind goes up and down.
War has costs which go far beyond dollars, cents and casualties on the battlefield.  Just ask Hank.
Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat