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Comment About New Study Confirming Fructose Speeds Cancer Growth

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Comment About New Study Confirming Fructose Speeds Cancer Growth

Tuesday I wrote a short article on our other daily site,, about how researchers discovered fructose speeds the growth of pancreatic cancer: New Study Supports Premise:  Sugar Feeds Cancer.

Roy e-mailed me a thoughtful and amusing comment about the study I would like to share with you today:

The fact that cancer loves sugar is not news. Just look at how a PET scan works. You ingest radioactive sugar; the cancer gobbles up this sugar; the tumor (radioactive sugar) is highlighted on the screen. If cancer did not thrive on sugar, a PET scan would not work.

Also, it is well known that high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is the worst form of sugar; linked to many diseases. In 2005, the European Union placed a production ban on HFCS. I can’t imagine that would ever happen here in the US. Going back to plain old cane sugar might increase the cost of a two-liter bottle of soda by 3 cents! So what’s the alternative, artificial sweeteners? Oh yeah, that causes cancer, too. I’ll stick to bottled water, thanks. Oops, I almost forgot. That plastic bottle leeches carcinogens into my water.

Thank’s, Roy!  Hard to know what is safe to eat or drink these days.  That’s why I try to practice moderation in everything I do, from supplements to the food I eat and water I drink.  I drink tap water, bottled water and filtered water.  I eat vegetables raw or cooked, some organic, some not.  I take lots of supplements, but in moderate doses.  You can drive yourself nuts worrying about all of this stuff, can’t you?  I figure us multiple myeloma patients have more immediate things to worry about! 

Feel good, keep smiling and eat lots of raw veggies!  Pat