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I knew Revlimid Is Expensive, But This Is Ridiculous!

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I knew Revlimid Is Expensive, But This Is Ridiculous!

Multiple myeloma and stem cell transplant survivor Mike Baron has been writing about a concept which is close to going viral.  Mike’s premise:  Revlimid is more valuable, per pound, than gold or even plutonium!  With help from another patient and reader named Frank, a formula was established to determine the cost of Celgene’s Revlimid per pound.  The result: When you subract fillers and the weight of each capsule coating,  Revlimid retails at a mind-blowing eight million dollars a pound!

Saturday, a Canadian blogger spotted Mike’s premise in an e-mail he sent to members of the IMF’s list/serve and wrote a post he titled, The Alchemist.

Each and every day I receive e-mails from patients who cannot afford their myeloma treatment.  To be fair, Celgene often helps these patients through their support fund.  Other resources, such as the Chronic Disease Fund, are sometimes also available.

Still, this is a perfect example of why this country needs serious health care reform.  My friends with jobs and good insurance don’t see it or want to deal with it.  But my 14, 10mg Revlimid capsules cost almost $7000!  Without insurance, most Americans would burn through their savings in a matter of months paying for these drugs out of their own pockets.  Even with help or Medicare, copay and other costs can add up quickly.

Why do we need to go bankrupt in this country in order to stay alive?
Disturbing.  Still, try to feel good and keep smiling!  Pat