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Multiple Myeloma Patient/Reader From India Needs Help

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Multiple Myeloma Patient/Reader From India Needs Help

I received an e-mail late last week like no other I have other received. Surprising, in a way–you would think I would get more requests for money or financial help more often.

Anyway, here is what PK from India wrote:

Dear Pat,
I am 54 years old and affected with MM and kidney disease. I have been battling the condition for the past four years now
after chemotherapy MM maintenance medication combined with nephrology treatment. I am struggling to meet the medical
and family maintenance expenses as I have been made job redundant !! I was hoping you could help in
medical grant assistance from large hearted individual donors or organizations ?
Many thanks and best wishes
Mr. P.K. Seshadri
Chennai city – South India
P.S. My wife and I are celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary tomorrow !!
Your blogs are superb and motivating too !!!

My response:

Hello P.K.-
PK was my nick-name when I was younger. This is the first time I have ever had a request like this–especially from outside the country. Give me permission to pass your request on and I will send it out to hundreds of possible contacts–that might help. It is my 23rd anniversary next week. Sounds like we have lots in common. Thanks for reading and good luck- Pat

I don’t personally know P.K. He has never written before. He did get back to me and say it was OK to release his contact info. I recommend caution, but if anyone would like to contact P.K., here is his e-mail:

So many of us need help in so many different ways. My thoughts are with P.K. and other multiple myeloma patients in need this evening.
Feel good and keep smiling! Pat