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Canadian Study Shows Vitamin C Helps Lift Patient Moods

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Canadian Study Shows Vitamin C Helps Lift Patient Moods

I can’t resist passing along this article from Canada’s National Post, Vitamin C good for patients’ moods by Tom Blackwell.  I usually save these for our site, but I have already run a nutritionally based story there today.  See what you think:
Vitamin C has a storied past, the anti-oxidant’s benefits touted as a potential treatment or preventive for colds, cancer and a host of other conditions. Though a necessary part of our diet, supplements of the vitamin have been thoroughly proven useful only for preventing scurvy – a big issue with 19th Century British seamen, not exactly a common medical complaint these days. But a study just published by researchers at Montreal’s Jewish General Hospital suggests a surprising new application for the nutrient: as a mood booster for long-term hospital patients.

In a double-blind clinical trial, results of which were just published in the journal Nutrition, JGH patients were randomly assigned supplements of either vitamin C or vitamin D for seven to 10 days. Patients taking vitamin C had a rapid and significant improvement in the state of their mood. Those on vitamin D had no such boost, suggesting the vitamin C finding was not a case of placebo effect.

Vitamin aficionados should pause, though, before adopting the supplement as some kind of natural happy pill. Earlier studies have shown that most patients in acute-care hospitals have sub-normal levels of both nutrients, with about one in five suffering from vitamin C levels so low, they would be compatible with scurvy itself, said Dr. John Hoffer, lead investigator for the study. Vitamin C and D deficiencies have been linked in the past to psychological problems, said Dr. Hoffer in a statement.

Guess I should sign-off by saying “Feel good and keep smiling while sucking on some vitamin C!”  Pat