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Insight Into Why Myeloma Cells Survive Chemotherapy

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Insight Into Why Myeloma Cells Survive Chemotherapy

One of our regular readers, Thomas from Germany, forwarded me this archived article from last year.  He feels it is important because it “explains in a logic manner to me why myeloma cells could fight against so many agents successfully. If a cancer center develops a strategy against this “environmental myeloma supply chain.”  I agree this is worth a look:

pDCs promote growth and survival of malignant myeloma cells
October 2009
Multiple myeloma cancer cells thwart many of the drugs used against them by causing nearby cells to turn traitor – to switch from defending the body against disease to shielding the myeloma cells from harm – Dana-Farber Cancer Institute scientists report in the October issue of Cancer Cell.

The researchers found that immune-system cells known as plasmacytoid dendritic cells (pDCs) essentially assume a new identity in the presence of myeloma – promoting the growth and survival of malignant myeloma cells, helping them fend off drugs, and depleting the overall strength of the immune system. The discovery not only helps explain a little-understood aspect of myeloma biology, but also suggests a new angle of attack on the disease. Researchers found that compounds that alight on specific sites on pDCs restore the cells’ original disease-fighting character and remove a trigger of myeloma cell growth.

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Thanks, Thomas!  Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat