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Update On Telomerase Inhibitor, Imetelstat (GRN163L)

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Update On Telomerase Inhibitor, Imetelstat (GRN163L)

I just wrote a follow-up article about Geron’s experimental telomerase inhibitor, imetelstat, on my other daily Website,  More Positive Research News About Crossover Cancer Drug Imetelstat – Geron Announces Two Publications Demonstrating That Its Telomerase Inhibitor Drug Targets Cancer Stem Cells.

I originally wrote about imetelstat back in April: 
Geron, Maker Of Experimental Telomerase Inhibitor, Imetelstat, Starting Stage II Multiple Myeloma Trials

Apparently, the trials are going well, not only for multiple myeloma, but also in breast and pancreatic cancers as well.
Thanks to a fellow patient from Germany for following this story and keeping me/us updated.
Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat