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New Multiple Myeloma Clinical Trial Search Feature Added To

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New Multiple Myeloma Clinical Trial Search Feature Added To

Have you noticed anything different about my home page recently?  Friday I added a “widget” box in the upper right hand corner of my site to help readers locate clinical trials in their area.  To use this new Myeloma Clinical Trial Search Tool, simply type in state and click on the “SHOW” button.  It’s that easy!

Live close to a surrounding state?  Have family somewhere across the country where you can stay?  Just repeat the process for those states to find clinical trials there as well.

This feature is similar to the Patient Navigator TrialX developed for the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation’s Website. 

TrialX is compensated by various drug companies and institutions to help promote clinical trials.  As you probably know, one of the biggest challenges facing cancer researchers today is the difficulty finding enough eligible patients to fill new trials. 

Without new trials, more experimental multiple myeloma drugs won’t be approved by the FDA.

I am currently looking into joining a new vorinostat trial myself.  Participating may help me.  But just as important, joining this trial should help others, too.

Give the new TrialX widget a try!  Like me, you may be surprised how many clinical trials are available in your area.

Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat