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My Reasonable/Achievable Wish List For 2011

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My Reasonable/Achievable Wish List For 2011

Happy New Year! I wanted to share my multiple myeloma research and drug company “wish list” with my fellow patients and caregivers today.

Here is my “reasonable and achievable” wish list for 2011:

*  That carfilzomib is approved by the FDA as hoped

*  Millennium’s exciting new subcutaneous (subq) delivery method for Velcade
    is also FDA approved

*  That Celgene will push harder for fast-track approval of their promising new
     anti-myeloma drug, pomalidomide

*  More patients sign-up for clinical studies—helping them—and helping to advance
    cutting edge research

*  The IMF is successful convincing congress to treat oral chemotherapy meds,
    like Thalomid and Revlimid, like any other chemotherapy, saving our fellow
    patients thousands of dollars annually

*  That one or more of the new secondary or “helper” chemotherapy agents, (chemo drugs
    which work best when combined with Revlimid or Velcade) such as
    vorinostat, elotuzumab, panobinostat and/or ARRY520 emerge as solid treatment

*  Last, but not least, that somewhere in the back of an obscure laboratory, a real
    breakthrough—possibly even a cure—has already been discovered.

I hope all of my readers have a safe, pain free 2011—and are around to read my wish list
for 2012!

Feel good and keep smiling! Pat