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Despite Injuries, Green Bay Defeats The Steelers

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Despite Injuries, Green Bay Defeats The Steelers

It wasn’t pretty–and neither team played their best.  But Pattie and I don’t care…



Cancer survivors need to grab onto whatever makes my/their/your life better/more fun and worth living.  Winning shouldn’t matter so much, but it does to most people. 

This victory will make my clothing choices easier for a long time… I own lots of Packer gear!

True, I would trade this victory for a University of Wisconsin win in the Rose Bowl.  But my Alma matter had a great year too.

To me, being from Wisconsin is special.  It means you are an underdog.  Its a beautiful state with lots of farms and forests and lakes.  But lets face it:  Wisconsin if “fly-over country.”  No respect.  Always an underdog.  Green Bay is a city of just over 100,000, yet there is a 30 year waiting list for season tickets.  They sell-out every game.  This is Wisconsin’s team–owned by the fans.  No billionaire owner.  No one is allowed to own more than one share of team stock. 

The Packer payroll is one of the lowest in the league.  They don’t chase a lot of free agents.  The Packers players and coaches win by outworking their opponents.  The UW Badgers do the same thing.  Their recruiting classes are rarely ranked highly by the so-called experts, yet they won 11 football games this year and were Big Ten Conference co-champions. 

The UW basketball team is never picked to be good, yet they have made it to the NCAA tournament ten years in a row, winning several Big Ten Championships as well.  They are over-achieving again this year, having beat top ten rankend Purdue and Michigan State last week.

By the way–in case you hadn’t noticed–Wisconsin doesn’t produce a lot of top rated football or basketball recruits.  The state only has 5 million residents, without a big city.  (Sorry, Milwaukee doesn’t count!) The coaches have to go outside the state to find talent.  They “coach these unheralded players up,” helping them reach their full potential–just like the Green Bay Packers.

That means a lot to me–a person battling cancer who has already lived longer than the experts said I would. 
Thanks for indulging my “victory dance.”

Feel good and keep smiling–I am!  Pat