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Pictures From Super Bowl Sunday

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Pictures From Super Bowl Sunday

Sunday I wrote a post titled:  A Busy Super Bowl Sunday

Expecting NFL victory pics?  Well, while these manatees might weigh enough to play on the Packer’s offensive or defensive lines, my guess is they just aren’t quick enough…

I broke away Sunday afternoon long enough to join my Friends of the Tampa Bay Area National Wildlife Refuges on a tour of a new, 58 acre nature area called Three Springs, in nearby Crystal River, Florida.

The newly acquired park features the three springs at the headwaters of this crystal clear river. 

The weather was overcast much of the day, making it difficult to take pictures of the dozens of manatees resting in the spring fed, 72 degree water.

As the weather and water temperatures in the Gulf cool over the winter months, manatees seed refuge in warmer, spring fed pools.  Thanks to a private/public partnership, a number of these areas are now protected. 

It was in the mid-sixties Sunday, but on cooler winter days, as many as 500-600 manatees huddle together (pun intended!) in an area smaller than a football field!

There weren’t that many there for our boat tour, but we did spot dozens.  Here is a picture of one swimming down river, headed back toward the Gulf:

Sunday was a great day!  Everyone (except the Steelers) were winners–both the manatees and Green Bay.  Balance and diversions like this are important for cancer survivors, wouldn’t you agree? 

Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat