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Play-By-Play Of My Friday PET Scan- Continued

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Play-By-Play Of My Friday PET Scan- Continued

It was time for my PET scan. Another young tech, named Bobby, escorted me into the PET room. I was wearing a Green Bay Packers pull-over jacket–big surprise. I like to wear Badger or Packer gear when I go to clinics or hospitals. They are always conversation starters.

Today was no exception.  It turns out Bobby was a University of Miami fan. Once I told him I was a University of Wisconsin grad, he shook his head, lamenting the Badger’s bowl game victory last season over “The U” as it is called down here. Great stuff!

As I gazed around the room, I noticed that the scanning equipment looked a lot like a MRI machine–a large, white tube with a sliding exam table. But unlike an MRI, the tube wasn’t as tight or claustrophobic.

I emptied my pockets into a large, shallow, stainless steel tray and removed my belt and jacket–just like at airport security.

Bobby and Marcelo then helped me get comfortable, covering me with warm blankets.

The room was very cold–too cold for me to be wearing scrubs like my techs.  But they were young and didn’t seem to mind.

The actual scan was anti-climatic. It took about 30 minutes. I slept much of the time.  Very little noise.  Unlike a MRI, there was plenty of room and I didn’t fee claustrophobic.

I experienced weird, purple dreams while I dozed.  Waves of purple crossed before my eyes with a kaleidoscope of color.  A result of my radioactive IV?

I was groggy as they helped me off the sliding exam table. I quickly dressed and headed back toward another wing of the facility for my bone mapping x-rays.

As I rounded the first corner, I almost bumped into my oncologist, Dr. Alsina. We spoke briefly about our future appointment ten days away.

Everything so far had gone off without a hitch. But now it was time to wait.  My x-ray appointment got started over an hour late, but it also only took around 30 minutes, once we got started. Digital x-ray equipment speeds everything up–and a great tech doesn’t hurt. 

A young woman in her 20’s, named Jesse, handled my bone survey graciously.  She went out of her way to make me comfortable.  Thanks, Jesse!

Soon I was on my way, heading back to my home in Weeki Wachee, which is located about an hour northwest of Tampa.

Now the waiting begins.  In this case, I’m not too apprehensive.  I won’t be holding my breath.  I would be startled and surprised if these tests didn’t show exactly what I expect:  I have a new myeloma lesion in my right hip.  The next step will probably be a surgical biopsy to confirm this, followed by radiation.

My blood work will most likely reveal a steadily rising M-spike.  I will suggest Dr. Alsina and I revisit the topic of future treatment options–but any decision will probably wait until May.

I don’t expect to lose any sleep over all of this–and it certainly won’t slow me down during the day.  So no worries (OK–maybe a few) until my next visit.

Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat