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Monthly Archives: March 2011

31 03, 2011

Excellent Article About Geraldine Ferraro’s Legacy And Ongoing Battle To Help Control Cost Of Cancer Meds…

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Read this detailed recap/tribute to Geraldine Ferraro by Ann Law for Ferraro leaves cancer research, health reform legacyMarch 28th, 2011A symbol of progress for women in US politics, former Congresswoman Geraldine Ferraro died Saturday at the age of 75. Her death, caused by complications from blood cancer multiple myeloma, not only reminds the nation

29 03, 2011

Find News About Upcomming American Association For Cancer Research on

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We are entering another busy multiple myeloma related news cycle as we approach the American Association for Cancer Research, which will be held at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida, from April 2-6, 2011.Check-out to access articles about the new bone strengthening and anti-myeloma drug, bafetinib, Geraldine Ferraro's funeral details and the

29 03, 2011

Reader Reactions Reflect The Impact Of Geraldine Ferraro’s Death On The Multiple Myeloma Community

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Geraldine Ferraro's death continues to generate lots of interest among the multiple myeloma community.  Here is a link to an article which is a perfect example of this:What is Multiple Myeloma? What are the Symptoms & Risk Factors That Took the Life of Geraldine Ferraro?Two emails I received yesterday touched-on important aspects about what we can learn--and

28 03, 2011

Reactions To The Death Of Geraldine Ferraro

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I watched the Sunday version of the NBC Today show with great interest yesterday morning. Would they run a feature story about the death of Geraldine Ferraro, and what would they say.The story was about what you would expect...  Three or four minutes covering her life as a congresswoman, vice presidential candidate and her later life

26 03, 2011

British General Practicioners Are Well Versed In Identifying Multiple Myeloma Symptoms. Hope Doctors In The U.S. Are Paying Attention…

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Last week, I spoke to a gathering of between 50 and 60 multiple myeloma patients and caregivers in Atlanta.  Here is a link to the article I wrote about the event:  A Pair Of Hopeful Messages From Atlanta.One of those "hopeful messages" concerned creating awareness among health professionals, helping them spot myeloma early.  Here is

26 03, 2011

Three Extra Months Of Life A Big Deal For Pancreatic Cancer Patients


There has been lots of buzz about this new pancreatic cancer therapy recently.  Here is an excerpt from a good article about it on WebMD:New Pancreatic Cancer Treatment Activates Immune SystemIn Early Study, Strategy Shrank Tumors in Some PatientsBy Kathleen DohenyWebMD Health NewsReviewed by Laura J. Martin, MDPatrick Swaze- new face of pancreatic cancer...The treatment works

23 03, 2011

Millennium Pharmaceuticls Launches 1000 CRANES OF HOPE Fundraising Campaign For IMF

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Millennium, makers of Velcade, have launched a fundraising campain for the International Myeloma Foundation (IMF), called 1000 CRANES OF HOPE.Here is some background information about the program:The promise of 1000 origami cranes.The ancient Japanese tradition of senbazuru promises that a person who folds 1000 cranes will be granted a wish, such as long life or recovery

22 03, 2011

New Phase III Research Study For Polycythemia Vera Blood Cancer Patients Now Open


Here is a press release announcing a new, phase III study investigating INCB018424, and is now enrolling patients with a blood cancer called polycythemia vera:Visit for more information or call 1-877-4-PV-TRIALIncyte is pleased to announce that RESPONSE, a phase III study of the investigational agent INCB018424, a selective oral JAK1 and JAK2 inhibitor, is now enrolling

22 03, 2011

Philadelphia Area Doctor Performs "Bloodless" Stem Cell Transplants

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Here is an excerpt from, and link to, a new story about a doctor who specializes in doing "bloodless" stem cell transplants.  A multiple myeloma patient is featured in the story...What is bloodless surgery?March 22, 2011 - ABC Action News - Philadelphia - By Ali Gorman, RN....Dr. Patricia Ford performs so-called "bloodless" bone marrow transplants. To

21 03, 2011

Wisconsin Teacher’s Inspirational Life Ended By Multiple Myeloma

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Last month a reader sent me a link to this inspirational story about a beloved teacher in the Milwaukee Public School System, Rich Ringland.  Here is an excerpt from that story.  Mr. Ringland died from multiple myeloma:Ringhand known as 'Math Man'MPS teacher's expectation of students helped make a differenceBy Amy Rabideau Silvers of the Journal

21 03, 2011

Vertebroplasty From An Australian Perspective

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I have heard both good and bad about using vertebroplasty to help relieve nerve compression and pain caused by myeloma related complications.  Let's see what the Australians have to say about the procedure:Vertebroplasty backed despite criticismsTony James - Rheumatology UpdateThe Interventional Radiology Societyof Australia has hit back atrecent criticisms of vertebroplasty,recommending the procedurebe used judiciously

19 03, 2011

News Brief: A Food and Drug Administration panel backed a novel, noninvasive device that uses an electrical field designed to blast apart cancer cells as a potential treatment for brain cancer…


FDA Panel Backs Experimental Brain-Cancer-Treatment Device - WSJ.comThe NovoTTF (for tumor treating fields), was designed by a private firm, NovoCure Ltd., which has operations in Israel and the U.S. It is being developed for use in patients with glioblastoma, a common form of brain cancer, initially for use after standard treatments fail. Simply click on