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March Is Multiple Myeloma Awareness Month

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March Is Multiple Myeloma Awareness Month

Did you know March is Multiple Myeloma awareness month? 

I wouldn’t have known if I wasn’t helping promote myeloma awareness today at the Watson Clinic Center for Cancer Care in Lakeland, Florida.

Nice people and lots of patients.  The free cookies really draws them in!

The event is being sponsored by Millennium, the company that manufactures Velcade.  Jennifer Boldizsar, Millennium’s Tampa Bay area rep organized the event.  Wearing her “March for Myeloma” maroon and white “T” shirt, Jennifer is busy passing out cookies and “working the crowd.” 

Its a beatutiful, sunny day in Lakeland–which is located about 30 minutes east of Tampa.  Wish you were here! 

Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat