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Monthly Archives: April 2011

30 04, 2011

"One Stop Shop?" Sometimes Things Can Be Too Convenient…

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I am currently undergoing RVD (Revlimid/Velcade/dexamethasone) chemotherapy at Florida Cancer Institute in Spring Hill, Florida.Since my myeloma specialist is located at Moffit Cancer Center--which is over an hour away--it is very convenient to get my infusion and radiation therapy a short ten minutes from home.Two weeks ago, I underwent a colonoscopy as well.  That was

29 04, 2011

Dropping Dexamethasone From Multiple Myeloma Therapy May Help Reduce Infection Risk

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I'm always interested in what different physicians and nurses groups are posting about multiple myeloma. Click on the headline link below to access an interesting article, about how dropping dex from a myeloma patient's chemo mix can help reduce risks of infection: For Multiple Myeloma Patients at High Risk for Infection, Chemotherapy without High-dose Dexamethasone Can Help

28 04, 2011

Two Breaking News Stories On

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Two myeloma related industry press releases went out today.  The first from Celgene, announcing first quarter total revenue of $1.13 billion for the quarter ended March 31, 2011. The increase in total revenue was driven by global market share gains, geographic expansion and increased duration of therapy of REVLIMID®and VIDAZA®. Net sales of REVLIMID were $738

26 04, 2011

Reflections From Our Easter Weekend Trip Back To The Midwest – With A Brief Medical Update Following My “Off Week”

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The definition of a FAN: Someone who flies from Tampa--where the temperature is 85 degrees and the sun is shining brightly, to Madison, Wisconsin, where it is raining and 41 degrees--just to see the University of Wisconsin play their spring football game.I mean--the game isn’t even really a game, its a scrimmage.  But that’s what

25 04, 2011

New Comprehensive Online Resource Available For Myelodysplastic Syndrome Patients

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I wanted to pass along a link to a new online publication, created for patients and caregivers who are living with myelodysplastic syndromes, MDS Beacon was created by the same group who publish The Myeloma Beacon, The MDS Beacon features medical news, important resources and human interest stories, all focusing on this rare cancer which negatively

24 04, 2011

I Hope This Makes You Smile…

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Easter is an interesting holiday.  The day certainly doesn't seem to have much to do with spirituality anymore. So I'm not going to tackle a hot topic like that today.  I'm visiting my father and mother this afternoon, so lets keep this short. A young friend of mine, Robb, hosts and writes for a fun

21 04, 2011

Having A Firm Goal In Mind Before Starting Intensive Anti-Myeloma Therapy Key To Keeping A Positive Attitude

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Yesterday I wrote a long, rambling post, describing the multitude of side-effects I have been experiencing during--and after--my three drug chemo cocktail, made up of Revlimid, Velcade and dexamethasone (RVD).At the end I added a commentary.  I'm afraid I may have glossed-over what I consider to be a helpful piece of advice.I should have stressed

20 04, 2011

Medical Update: My First Cycle Of RVD

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Three weeks ago I began my first of three scheduled cycles of RVD (Revlimid/Velcade/dexamethasone).  My myeloma specialist, Dr. Melissa Alsina at Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, placed the order.  Since Moffitt is located more than an hour from my home, My medical oncologist, Dr. Vikas Malhotra with Florida Cancer Institute in Spring Hill, Florida, is

18 04, 2011

Every Multiple Myeloma Patient Or Caregiver Should Read Friday’s Myeloma Beacon Feature About Emerging Myeloma Therapies

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The Myeloma Beacon ran an excellent review of new anti-myeloma therapies which are in late stages of development:  Promising New Drugs For Myeloma: Will The Future Come Soon Enough?The article is written by Dr. S. Vincent Rajkumar with Mayo Clinic.  I was going to reference it over the weekend, but forgot about it until I