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Exciting, New Myeloma Research Study Uncovered By Our German Friends…

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Exciting, New Myeloma Research Study Uncovered By Our German Friends…

I don’t know if our American readers are aware of this or not, but we have quite a large international following.

Europe, Asia, New Zealand, Australia, the Middle East and Canada.  Not sure why I haven’t heard from anyone in Mexico, Central or South America–and I don’t believe I have corresponded with anyone from Africa.

Anyway, last month one of our European readers forwarded me information about a study focusing on what makes multiple myeloma resistant to Revlimid.  It was very technical, pre-clinical stuff, so I ran it on my site:
Evidence of a role for activation of Wnt/β-catenin signaling in the resistance of plasma cells to lenalidomide

A German reader named Peter was so excited about this study, he contacted the research group at M.D. Anderson, in Houston.   Dr. Orlowski is a well know myeloma expert there.  Here are copies of the correspondence he shared with me about this:

Sent: Thursday, March 24, 2011 11:11 AM

To: Orlowski,Robert
Subject: Fwd: revlimid resitance

Dear Dr. Orlowski,

the myeloma community have read your revlimid-paper with accelerated
heartbeats. Because so many of us become resistant to rev/dex after
one or two years.

Our question as a international patient group (we all are readers from
multiplemyelomablog) are wondering, if your findings may provide
concrete improvements for myeloma therapy soon?

Could you provide us with the information if you plan a following
publication or if a clinical trial is going on? We are – as we
mentioned – highly interested to hear, how you and your collegues will
proceed to bring this to the bedside.

It would be very kind if you could answer us. Imagine if you would be
38 with small kids and have to within 1 year!!!

Thank you very much for you respect!

Peter M. Parker

Here was Dr. Orlowski’s kind and encouraging repsonse:

Dear Peter:

Thanks very much for your e-mail. We are currently performing
additional studies in laboratory models with a number of approaches
that we think could overcome Revlimid resistance. The one that is
most promising will then be taken on to a clinical trial.


Isn’t that exciting!  I made a few edits here, including cutting out the German lead-ins from Peter’s emails.

Hope is a powerful thing, isn’t it?  Regardless of nationality, religion or skin color, everyone needs hope!  If this type of pre-clinical news helps with that–it’s a bonus!

Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat