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What A Wonderful Day…

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What A Wonderful Day…

Pattie and I shared a wonderful day together today.  As I wrote this morning, we were celebrating the fourth anniversary of my original multiple myeloma diagnosis.  I’m still alive and kicking–now that’s something to celebrate!

Here is a picture of Finnegan, poolside, helping me celebrate my fourth year of living with multiple myeloma…

We call him our Island Dog.  I am planning to start an “Our Island Dog” blog for him while I am laid-up and recovering from my transplant in June.

My wife is shy–and I’m taking the pictures–so expect shots of our “kids” to show-up much more often than pics of me or Pattie…

Not to be left out, one of our five rescued cats, Aspen, watches the festivities indifferently from a nearby lounge chair…

Like a lot of parents, you can see it’s all about the children!  Ours just happens to have four legs–and big, big smiles today, because they love their dad.  Of course, I’m the one who feeds them–that may have something to to with it!

I’m trying out a new camera today.  I purchased it to help me share my journey from first relapse to transplant with everyone this year.  So far, so good.  I need the practice.

Pattie, Finnegan and I concluded our Sunday with a long walk along the Gulf at Pine Island.

We live in Weeki Wachee, Florida, which is about 50 minutes north of Tampa.  It is difficult to see in this low, late evening light, but they call our area the “nature coast.”  That’s code for there aren’t a lot of beaches like farther south in Clearwater or St. Pete.

Instead, there are miles and miles of marsh grass and small, isolated islands–some only large enough to support a single palm tree.

Spring fed, clear water rivers wind their way into the Gulf of Mexico through these salt water marshes.  The only peaches are on larger islands, connected by causeways.  Pine Island is home to one of those beaches.  It is only a few miles from my home, but the trip takes almost 15 minutes because we have to loop around to high ground–where a single, two lane road snakes west–litterally dead-ending on the beach.

Not a bad way to spend my last day before a week which will be highlighted with my final visit to the radiation clinic, the start of my chemotherapy and a last minute colonoscopy Wednesday, required by my insurance company prior to my pre-transplant testing.

I had better get some sleep.  The dex in my IV tomorrow is bound to keep me up most of the night tomorrow and Wednesday.  I have some experience with dexamethasone–having taken large doses four years ago before researchers realized, when it comes to dex–less is more. 

Have a great week, everyone!  Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat