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Monthly Archives: May 2011

31 05, 2011

An Important Reminder: Don’t Forget To Consume Lots Of Foods/Spices Containing Ursolic Acid After Taking Thalidomide, Revlimid and/or Velcade

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Back on May 19th, I wrote an article about how ursolic acid had been proven to help enhance the effectiveness of Velcade:Ursolic Acid Helps Velcade, Thalidomide And Most Likely Revlimid Work Better...This is so important--on so many levels--I wanted to remind my readers (and me!) about the news.   Let's face it:  Habits are hard to

30 05, 2011

Multiple Myeloma Survivor Shares Her Experience Living With Chemotherapy Side-Effects

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My parents live in Rockford, Illinios.  I happened to read this story about a local patient with multiple myeloma a while back, and thought I would share it with you today:Rockford cancer patient aids awareness of chemotherapy effectsRRSTAR.COM: Staff writer Mike DeDoncker  - Posted May 20, 2011 ROCKFORD — This year’s cold, wet spring has given

29 05, 2011

Let’s Start A List Of Ways To Help Prevent Cramping At Night…

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Did any of you happen to read  comment following yesterday's post about the unsettling reaction I had earlier this week at my sub-q Velcade injection site?Lileng noticed how cramping was becoming a serious issue for me.  She suggested taking chloride supplements 4x 600mg. She also found tonic water which has quinine to be helpful, too. Which

28 05, 2011

Medical Update: Strange, Disturbing (and a bit funny!) Side-Effects…

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I am up at 6 am writing this. Severe leg cramps every time I try to lay back down. Fortunately, things settle down after five or ten minutes of standing and leaning against the counter in the kitchen. Then I'm able to sit at my work station with little or no discomfort. Guess someone is

27 05, 2011

My Myeloma Doc, Melissa Alsina, To Open First BMT Clinic In Puerto Rico

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I was interested to learn how my myeloma specialist, Dr. Melissa Alsina, was working closely with officials in Puerto Rico to develop a comprehensive bone marrow/stem cell transplant program. I wasn't going to write about this, until I saw the LA Times picked-up the story yesterday from the Orlando Sentinel.  Guess that makes it big news!

27 05, 2011

Technical Difficulties Are Not Allowing Me To Respond To Comments…

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Good Morning! For the second time in less than a month, Blogger, the hosting platform for my site, is not functioning as well as it should.  Frustrating, especially considering Blogger is the most widely used online, interactive format world-wide. It is allowing me to post to all four of my sites, but not respond to

23 05, 2011

The Myeloma Beacon Features An Excellent Overview Of News/Views From International Myeloma Workshop In Paris

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In case you missed it, Saturday the Myeloma Beacon ran a summary of important data released from the International Myeloma Workshop in Paris earlier this month. Go to:  The 2011 International Myeloma Workshop – Key Themes and Learnings, to review research news from the conference. My focus has already shifted to the upcoming ASCO meetings in Chicago

20 05, 2011

Insightful, Comprehensive Article About Multiple Myeloma From An Oncology Nurse’s Perspective…

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Talk about an ambitious project!  I thought I would share an excerpt/abstract from a long and detailed research article I have been saving since last month.  The author, Sandra Rome, Hematology/Oncology Clinical Nurse Specialist, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and Assistant Clinical Professor, UCLA School of Nursing, Los Angeles, California, explores the diagnosis, treatment planning, and clinical management

18 05, 2011

Plasma Cell Leukemia Patient Shares His Story…

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One of our readers, named Mark,  has a rare form of leukemia/myeloma called plasma cell leukemia (PCL).  PCL cells look a lot like myeloma cells, don't they?This is strange, aggressive stuff.  Some hematologists consider it to be a form of myeloma, others leukemia.  Apparently, it can start all by itself, or evolve later from myeloma.Let's

17 05, 2011

Take Me Out To The Ball Game!

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I just completed a new post for our other daily site, I noticed how many interesting pictures I have been running there lately--practically with every article.  So why don't I do more of that here? Good question!  Setting aside the reality that blood and bone marrow cancer and myeloma research isn't a very photogenic

16 05, 2011

Inpatient Or Oupatient Recovery During And/Or After A Stem Cell Transplant: Which Is Better?

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For those of you who didn't read my site over the weekend, you have a lot to catch-up on!Friday I started a three part series about my day-long visit to Moffitt Cancer Center on Thursday.  But when I went to post the first article, Medical Update: Long Day At Moffitt Cancer Center Ends In Disappointment,

15 05, 2011

Let’s Try To Make Sense Of The "Alphabet Soup" Used To Describe Stem Cell Transplants For Multiple Myeloma Patients

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Saturday I wrote in detail about my meeting with my myeloma specialist at Moffitt Cancer Center: Details From Thursday's Disappointing Visit With Dr. Alsina At the end of the article, I promised to cover the pros and cons of inpatient versus outpatient stem cell transplant care today. But before I use my pre-transplant experiences to highlight the advantages

14 05, 2011

Replay Of Thursday’s Missing Article Following System Crash: Individualized Dosing Key To Minimizing Side-Effects In Multiple Myeloma Patients

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As I shared with you late in the day on Friday, Blogger was down for about 18 hours Thursday night and most of Friday:  I Apologize For Technical Difficulties... Inconvenient, but no big deal. But it was a big deal that when the hosting platform came back online, Thursday's post was missing.  Thanks to a

14 05, 2011

Details From Thursday’s Disappointing Visit With Dr. Alsina

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Yesterday I wrote this, following a long day of pre-planning for my upcoming stem cell transplant (SCT) at Moffitt Cancer Center: I would like to re-visit the important issues of housing, scheduling and pre/post transplant planning Sunday. Tomorrow I will outline everything Dr. Alsina covered with me and Pattie during our appointment. But for now,

13 05, 2011

Medical Update: Long Day At Moffitt Cancer Center Ends In Disappointment…

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Yesterday my wife, Pattie, and I spent the day in Tampa at Moffitt Cancer Center. The day wasn’t spent taking tests. We were there to meet with a social worker and plan housing for my impending stem cell transplant, tentatively scheduled for the second week in June—and to hear what my myeloma specialist, Dr. Melissa