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I Apologize For Technical Difficulties…

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I Apologize For Technical Difficulties…

This morning I learned that Blogger, the blogging site hosted by Google, was down and under repair.

I’m not sure why.  All I know is yesterday’s post about individual dosing, co-written by Gary Blau, is gone.  Just gone!  No explanation from the company.

Blogger is the largest blogging platform in the world.  If I could complain to someone I would.  Good luck with that! 

Largest in the world or not, this system is far from perfect.  I have learned through a number of your emails it can be difficult to comment if you aren’t part of the Blogger system, or if you don’t have a Google account.  Maybe it is time to find a new hosting platform, but that would be so, so much work.

Ahh, technology…  Can’t live with it–can’t live without it!

I will do my best to reconstruct yesterday’s article sometime soon.  In the meantime, at least I can post this morning’s news about my trip to Moffitt Cancer Center yesterday.

This is really stressful and frustrating for me.  As you will see when you read today’s post, I have bigger challenges to deal with than a few technical glitches.  So I’m going to let it go–really!

Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat