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I Feel Badly After Tuesday’s Velcade Infusion. Time To Work-out?

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I Feel Badly After Tuesday’s Velcade Infusion. Time To Work-out?

Yesterday I shared how hard Velcade hits me within a few hours after my infusion.  I then mentioned that I was stubbornly trying something new on the evenings following my treatment:

“Most rational people would simply rest and take it easy, waiting for all of this to blow over. And it does–I always feel normal by morning.

Rest? Not me! I have intentionally been ‘practicing’ for my stem cell transplant (SCT) recovery this summer. More about this crazy ritual tomorrow…”

Before I continue, let me ask my readers not to be concerned.  I’m a big boy.  I exercise several times daily.  I’m not crazy–well not much, anyway!

My plan is to push on through when I don’t feel well as a way to train for my post-stem cell transplant recovery period.  I understand I can’t really duplicate the exhaustion I am expecting to feel once my bone marrow is “fried.”

I know I’m not going to feel like walking or exercising–just like I don’t feel that way following my Velcade infusions.

So yesterday I got home, worked around the house until I started to feel badly, took a short nap–then hit the pool.  I swam laps, lifted weights and walked my dog, Finnegan,  a few miles.

Finnegan just watched me swimming laps… How can I say no to his walk?

I may have been weaving side to side along the road as we walked… I didn’t want to go on–I think my eyes were closed half the time.  But I made it back–and felt better when I returned.  I almost always feel better after I exercise.

I don’t want a medal.  I’m not saying I’m tougher than anyone else.  I’m simply determined.  I figure the sooner I can get moving after my transplant, the more time I will have to write and work from my hospital room and/or my caregiver apartment.  A guy can try, right?

I felt much better yesterday.  Time to walk the dog…

Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat