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Take Me Out To The Ball Game!

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Take Me Out To The Ball Game!

I just completed a new post for our other daily site,

I noticed how many interesting pictures I have been running there lately–practically with every article.  So why don’t I do more of that here?

Good question!  Setting aside the reality that blood and bone marrow cancer and myeloma research isn’t a very photogenic topic–no more excuses!

So let’s start with some pictures from our newly formed, local myeloma support group…

The following shots are from a recent outing at a Tampa Bay Rays Major League baseball game, between Tampa Bay and Toronto, which was attended by members from our Nature Coast Multiple Myeloma Support Group:

Walt, Jane & Herb.JPG
Let’s head inside!

Herb & Dianne.JPG
Herb & Dianne

Joe & Fred D 2.JPG
“It isn’t that we’re anti-social… We just love the view!

Fred, Rich & Jack.JPG
Fred, Rich & Jack

Joe & Fred 3.JPG
Joe & Fred

Fred & Rich.JPG
Fred & Richard

Lyle & Carolyn.JPG
Corolyn & Lyle

Walt & Jane 3.JPG
Walt & Jane

Guess I got a bit carried away with the picture thing!  Thanks to co-group leader, Dianne, for taking these excellent shots–along with her partner in crime, Richard, who contacted the Rays and got everyone free tickets.

The NHL Tampa Bay Lightning also sends us free tickets each season…  An idea for your area support group?

I attended the Lightning game last winter, but was unable to join the group at the game last week.  It happened to fall on the evening of the last day of my RVD chemotherapy cycle, and I was dragging!

Dianne and Richard forwarded me more than thirty pictures from the game.  Sorry I couldn’t include them all.

Our next meeting is tomorrow night and features Andres Romero, a patient support specialist from Celgene, who is flying down from rainy New Jersey to speak to us.  Andres can expect sunny skies and a high of 82 degrees.  Rough assignment, Andres!

The theme is a summer picnic, so there will be plenty to eat and drink.  I’m proud of this group Richard and I started about ten months ago.  The camaraderie and support has been amazing!  We expect between 25 and 30 patients and caregivers to attend.

If you are going to be in the Tampa area, please stop in and see us.  Our meetings are held behind Oak Hill Hospital on Cortez Ave (Hwy 50) between Hwy 19 and the Sun Coast toll road.

Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat