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Actress Lisa Ray Speaks About Her Stem Cell Transplant

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Actress Lisa Ray Speaks About Her Stem Cell Transplant

I have been following international actress Lisa Ray’s career since she was diagnosed with multiple myeloma several years ago.

If you don’t know much about her, you can catch-up by visiting a post I wrote about her last year:

Interesting Toronto Sun Story/Interview With Multiple Myeloma Survivor Lisa Ray

The actress underwent a successful autologous stem cell transplant several years ago.  Here is what she said about the procedure in an interview with the Toronto Sun in a story which ran Monday:

Lisa Ray calls herself “a cancer graduate” and she has stem cell research to thank for it. The Canadian actor, who was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a life-threatening cancer, announced this spring that she was cancer free following stem cell transplantation.

Ray didn’t know much about the process which would ultimately save her life after months of chemotherapy, her immune system destroyed: Stem cells, isolated and harvested from her own blood, were eventually reintroduced into her body where they multiplied into the healthy cells that were responsible for her recovery.

“Pretend you’re a lawn with an overgrowth of weeds,” she suggested when I admitted my own confusion about the process. “High doses of weed killer are introduced and the good grass dies along with the bad weeds. Then you reseed the entire lawn. That’s what I went through.”

This excerpt was the lead-in to a broader article about stem cells and experimental stem cell technology.  Click-on the headline link below to access the rest of the article:


Stem cells’ brave new world 

Regenerative medicine is taking on damaged cells to help a host of diseases


I have found it interesting, following Ms Ray’s career from Asian “sex symbol” to mature, cancer survivor and multiple myeloma activist.
Here is a link to a PSA she did last year on to help raise multiple myeloma awareness:Make Myeloma Matter PSA
She has certainly made the most of a bad situation.  Very inspirational!

Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat