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Cancer Drug Coverage Parity Act Deserves Our Support

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Cancer Drug Coverage Parity Act Deserves Our Support

I try to not be too political here.  Cancer isn’t a Republican or Democrat.  This initiative, supported by the International Myeloma Foundation, won’t cost the taxpayers much.  But it will help thousands of cancer patients immediately:

Please Help Eliminate Disparity in Coverage for Chemotherapy!

Representative Brian Higgins (D-NY) has introduced legislation that will make oral chemotherapies more affordable for patients. HR 2746, the Cancer Coverage Parity Act of 2011will eliminate the disparity in insurance coverage and reimbursement between oral and intravenous chemotherapy treatment. This bill will decrease the unmanageable out of pocket expenses for patients who have been prescribed an oral medication by their doctors and make it possible for them to have equal access to ALL of the live-saving treatments that they need!
Please write to your U.S. Representative TODAY and ask them to co-sponsor HR 2746, the Cancer Drug Coverage Parity Act and eliminate insurance inequities in cancer treatment!

Take Action NOW!

Sometimes, just cutting programs isn’t the answer.  Good, powerful legislation like this deserves our support on behalf of our fellow cancer patients.

Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat