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Monthly Archives: September 2011

29 09, 2011

Myeloma Patients May Be Able To Use Carfilzomib Before FDA Approval…

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Yesterday I ran a post, sharing the good news that Onyx Pharmaceuticals has submitted their Official FDA application for carfilzomib. Multiple Myeloma patients who are running out of treatment options may be eligible to use carfilzomib, even before it is approved.  Here is information about the program: The Carfilzomib Myeloma Access Program (C-MAP) Providing Access

28 09, 2011

I Lost A Dear Friend Yesterday

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Yesterday afternoon, a dear friend with multiple myeloma, Stacey Rohrer, died at her home, surrounded by friends and family, including her two young daughters. Stacey was diagnosed with an unusually aggressive form of multiple myeloma less than three years ago at the age of 32. I first met Stacey at one of our

27 09, 2011

REVIEW: New Journal Article Compares/Contrasts Cure vs Control Debate Among Multiple Myeloma Specialists

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Confused about the wide range of multiple myeloma treatment philosophies and options? This research article from the latest Journal of American Hematology, called Blood, is a must read for anyone who is actively being treated for multiple myeloma. Please don't be intimidated. Why it may look imposing and difficult to understand at first glance, this

26 09, 2011

Weighing Pros/Cons Of Taking Curcumin To Help Fight Multiple Myeloma: Theory Of Occam’s Razor Provides Clear Answer

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This weekend's article featured emails on the subject from a regular reader named Danny. He forwarded us links to several research studies on the subject. Well, Danny is at it again, this time using a philosophical angle. Here are his conclusions about curcumin--and why he feels simple deductive reasoning supports its use: Hi Pat, During

25 09, 2011

Easy To Understand Background About Multiple Myeloma/Blood Cancer Research

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Here are excerpts from an article I found online at Ann It provides an unexpected, easy to understand background into the study of myeloma, leukemia and lymphoma... Studying blood cancers has helped unlock mysteries of disease, paved the way to better treatments By Betsy de Parry - Community Contributor The blood cancers — leukemia,

22 09, 2011

Thoughts About Timing A Stem Cell Transplant

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For those of you who didn't see this, I wanted to share these excerpts from a Cure Magazine/Reuters article about timing a stem cell transplant: With new induction drugs for multiple myeloma, still OK to delay stem cell transplant SEPTEMBER 16, 2011 NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - In patients with multiple myeloma treated initially with

21 09, 2011

More Pictures? Why not…

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Some have wondered where the pictures of my lovely wife, Pattie, were from our trip last week. She tends to be shy. But here is one I took while we visited Wild River State Park, located about an hour northeast of Minneapolis/St. Paul. I think she looks pretty hot for a three time cancer survivor

20 09, 2011

Mary Doyle With Davita Dialysis Featured Speaker At Nature Coast Multiple Myeloma Support Group Meeting Wednesday Evening

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I have been sharing my experiences from last week's support group tour the past few days... Speaking of support groups, one year ago, a fellow patient named Richard and I founded a new support group here near my new home north of Tampa. Now called the Nature Coast Multiple Myeloma Support Group, our IMF supported

18 09, 2011

More Pictures Of The Scenic St. Croix River…

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Hey!  It's Sunday.  Let's take a step back and lighten things up... Tuesday we played tourist, reminiscing and visiting our favorite places on both sides of the St. Croix River.  Here are some more pictures from our trip: Yesterday I commented on how much adding the dam between St. Croix Falls and Taylors Falls had

17 09, 2011

Days Three And Four Of My Midwestern Support Group Trip

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Monday was a beautiful day.  I haven’t talked much about the weather.  It was hot by Minnesota standards on Saturday and Sunday--in the mid 80’s.  But the low humidity left us feeling cool and comfortable, since it was a steamy 92 degrees when we left Tampa on Saturday afternoon. Monday cooled-down into the 70’s.  It

15 09, 2011

Days One And Two Of My Midwestern Support Group Trip

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Pattie and I just returned home, following a five day trip back to Wisconsin and Minnesota. The trip was part business and part pleasure.  We flew out of Tampa Saturday afternoon, arriving in Minneapolis about 8:30 PM.  The flight was non-stop, which was nice. Sunday we shopped Mall of America.  If you haven’t been there,

12 09, 2011

Can It Be This Easy? Will Eating Kale And Cabbage Really Help Slow Down Multiple Myeloma?

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A regular reader who just completed a successful stem cell transplant (SCT), named Danny, forwarded me this interesting link about several compounds which feature anti-myeloma activity: Anti-tumor activity and signaling events triggered by the isothiocyanates, sulforaphane and phenethyl isothiocyanate, in multiple myeloma Don't be intimidated.  Apparently, ITCs as they are called, might be useful in