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Follow-Up Featuring More Gift Suggestions For Multiple Myeloma Patients/Caregivers

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Follow-Up Featuring More Gift Suggestions For Multiple Myeloma Patients/Caregivers

Monday I wrote a surprisingly popular article about where to find multiple myeloma related gifts: Gift Suggestions For A Newly Diagnosed Multiple Myeloma Patient.

I focused on places one could shop for embroidered clothing, books, mugs and the like, providing a few links to sites which sell this type of thing.

But the comments I received–both here and by email–were very helpful and much more imaginative. Did any of you happen to go back and read some of these comments?
If not, let me share a few excerpts again here…

Lori suggested a Kindle. For those of you who are allergic to electronic gadgets, a Kindle is an electronic reader, linked to’s hundreds of thousands of book titles. Barnes and Noble offers a similar device called a Nook. Both are relatively affordable (well under $200) and work great!

Tim suggested another high tech, but easy to use device called an IPad. He claims that it is much easier to use than a laptop. It is certainly smaller, lighter and less expensive.
And Kristine suggested calming or inspirational CD’s. Thanks for sharing, all!

I also received a lot of different suggestions via email. These included making a donation in the patients name to the International Myeloma Foundation (IMF) or Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF), or offering to help cook or clean for them.

Someone else suggested helping by driving the patient to medical appointments or the store.
There were a number of these “non-materialistic” suggestions. There were also several natural, spiritual, holistic medicine type ideas.

Like magnesium oil for massage to help minimize the affects of peripheral neuropathy–or a gift certificate for an actual massage. A gift card to their local health food store of choice was a thought. Therapy candles or other products designed to help them relax was also brought-up several times…

Have any additional thoughts? Pass them along and I will share them, too.
Special thanks to all who took the time to make suggestions. I continue to be amazed at how supportive and caring our multiple myeloma community can be! And that may be the greatest gift of all!

Feel good and keep smiling! Pat