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More Pictures? Why not…

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More Pictures? Why not…

Some have wondered where the pictures of my lovely wife, Pattie, were from our trip last week.

She tends to be shy. But here is one I took while we visited Wild River State Park, located about an hour northeast of Minneapolis/St. Paul.

I think she looks pretty hot for a three time cancer survivor who’s stuck taking care of me!

Here is another panoramic photo I shot from the same observation deck overlooking the scenic St. Croix River Valley from the Minnesota side.

We were a few weeks early to see the fall colors, but this is definitely one of my favorite spots in any season.

Pattie and I walked for hours on Tuesday and Wednesday, visiting a number of the trails we used so often while we lived here. We miss our trails… Not as many in Florida–at least near where we live.

One reason we moved “down south” was so we could get out more year ’round–and I wouldn’t have to worry about slipping on the ice. But ironically, unless you own a boat, there are very few hiking and nature trails anywhere near where we live. One bike trail along the Sun Coast Highway is about it. It features a underwhelming view of the freeway, with very little shade. Heck, the subdivisions don’t even have sidewalks!

Lower taxes are nice, but it’s a shame there isn’t more access to the beautiful coastal areas here to view these spectacular Gulf coast sunsets…

Lots of myeloma related topics to get to beginning tomorrow; much of it forwarded to me by readers like you.

But for now, back to work on my next book about stem cell transplants from a patient’s perspective–mine and others who I interviewed before, during and after my SCT. As long as I make my deadlines, my publisher promised that it will be out and available this November. Panic time: That’s only two months away! Better get writing…

Feel good and keep smiling! Pat