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Tips For Staying Healthy While Traveling With A Compromised Immune System

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Tips For Staying Healthy While Traveling With A Compromised Immune System

I wanted to pause my support group travelogue today so I can share a bit more about how I felt on the trip, and what I did to try and stay germ free and strong.

I started and ended each day with a large glass of vegetable juice, to wash-down my handful of meds and supplements.  Granted, it wasn’t my usual homemade concoction made of spinach, kale, celery, carrots, tomatoes and milled flax seed I usually drink at home.  But one needs to improvise a bit when we travel, don’t you think?

I “graze” a lot at home–eating a number of smaller meals and snacks–so I tried to do the same on the trip.

Since you can’t take liquids on the plane, our last stop the night we arrived was a Walmart, where I purchased my vegetable juice and individually packaged EAS protein drink.

I like EAS because it comes pre-mixed in small, recyclable single serving easy to carry packages.  Each serving features 17 grams of protein, almost no carbs and just over 100 calories.  It tastes pretty good, too.

Atkins makes a similar product.  But it is a bit thick and rich for me, plus it is higher in carbs and calories.  Costs more, too.

I don’t get paid by EAS, or any other manufacturer to recommend any products on this site– but maybe I should look into it!

I also brought an assortment of raw nuts–especially walnuts–and sunflower seeds.

I avoid salad bars and/or buffets on the advice of the transplant team.  But I do eat as many salads and vegetables as I can while traveling.  It isn’t always easy, but I try.

I also eat a lot of lean protein, to help my muscles recover from all of the walking Pattie and I do when we are sight-seeing.  For example, I had seared walleye, a bison burger patty–skip the bun– with extra lettuce, tomato and onion, grilled chicken and salmon on the trip.

To avoid germs, I used a lot of hand sanitizer.  I also wore my mask while standing in line at the airport and while I was on the plane.

Did it work?  Well, so far I don’t have a scratchy throat, cough or an unusual amount of congestion.  But it’s only Friday, so give it time!

Tomorrow I will share some spectacular photos of the surprisingly rugged St. Croix River Valley from last Tuesday, when Pattie and I played tourist and re-visited where we lived before moving to Florida.

Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat