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Two Months Post-Transplant Today: How Am I Doing?

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Two Months Post-Transplant Today: How Am I Doing?

It’s my two month “anniversary” today.

It has been exactly two months since my stem cells were infused back into my body July 1st at Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa.

So how am I doing?  GREAT!  Thanks so much for asking!

My energy level is good.  I feel “normal” for much of each day, especially when I am resting and watching TV or working at the computer writing.

I lost four or five pounds of muscle mass during the transplant process, so my legs are still a bit week.  I can walk for 40 minutes or so, but then I start feeling it in my legs.  It probably helps that there aren’t many hills to climb here in Florida!

I also recover more slowly than I did before my transplant.

I have started lifting light weights again, trying to build-back some of the lost muscle.  But I have to be careful.  Slow to recover translates to sore muscles.

Pre-transplant, if I pushed things a bit too hard, I might be sore for part of the next day.  Now I notice soreness for two or three days following my workout.

So I’m learning to push things a bit–just not too much, too fast.

I think I’m finding a good balance, which is one reason I believe I’m feeling so good.

My blood counts don’t quite reflect how good I feel.  Here are several key numbers from yesterday’s test:

White blood count:     4.7 – normal
Lymphocytes:             1.6 – down from 2.0 two weeks ago
Red blood count:        3.85 – a bit low
Hemoglobin:               12.3 – also just a bit low
Platelets:                     148 – up and close to normal levels

I’m not sure why my lymphocyte numbers are down.  This is an important number–a snapshot of how your immune system is functioning.

But since all of the other numbers are a bit better, I’m not going to lose any sleep over it.  As I’ve shared with you before, I’m not much of a numbers guy.

It’s been raining a lot here along the Gulf coast this week.  That has helped keep the temperatures down and the lawns and palm trees bright green.

Come on, Finnegan–grab your leash and let’s get out and enjoy another beautiful day!

Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat