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Why Am I Still Reluctant To Begin Using Curcumin?

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Why Am I Still Reluctant To Begin Using Curcumin?

Yesterday I shared a hopeful story about how turmeric (curcumin) may be helping a post-stem cell transplant patient in Australia.

But what do I think about curcumin, and it’s ability to successfully slow the progression of mutliple myeloma?

I believe curcumin  may help delay multiple myeloma’s progression from MGUS to smoldering, or smoldering to active myeloma.  But does it help suppress active myeloma?  I’m not sure.

I have a friend who took curcumin religiously, and in copious amounts.  Yet his myeloma continued to slowly intensify.  So I guess I internally processed that information and chose not to try it.

Fair?  No.  Logical?  Maybe not.   Here is a LINK to a Google page, featuring a host of research studies, most of which have found curcumin to have anti-myeloma properties.  Here is a link to a specific abstract, outlining how using curcumin can enhance Velcade’s effectiveness:

Curcumin in combination with bortezomib synergistically induced apoptosis in human multiple myeloma U266 cells

The study’s conclusion:

Taken together, these results indicate that curcumin potentiates the therapeutic efficacy of bortezomib in MM suggesting this combination therapy to be of value in the clinical management of MM.

I also understand that several Mayo Clinic myeloma specialists strongly believe in the power of curcumin.

So why my reluctance to begin using curcumin?

I don’t like the fact there is no reliable information about dosing.  I know, I know…  Some believe they have the dosing thing figured out.  Maybe yes, maybe no.

The cost?  It would be irrational to take Revlimid, at close to $8,000 a month, and yet consider using a supplement like curcumin to be too expensive.

But insurance covers the cost of Revlimid or Velcade.  I looked into buying curcumin at a local GMC and then a privately owned health food store, but never followed through.

But now that I am hoping to be myeloma free following my recent auto SCT, maybe now is the time to re-visit this.

Come-on, curcumin fans and supporters out there!  Help push me over the edge!  Let’s start a dialogue about how much of this stuff to take, when to take it–and why.  Has it helped you?  How do you know?

I will run as many follow-up articles as we need to help get the pros and cons of using curcumin out there.  I’m anxious to hear what you all have to say.

Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat