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Monthly Archives: October 2011

31 10, 2011

New multiple myeloma research video is “smokin’ hot”… But is there any real fire there?

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If you haven't seen it yet, watch this YouTube video which has gone viral among the multiple myeloma patient community: No question that it is an exciting presentation!  But everyone should probably take a step back and calm down a bit. Why?  How could I be critical of such a hopeful video? Well, critical

29 10, 2011

Why should I be surprised: My melanoma damaged ear will need to be surgically repaired

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During a pre-op  appointment today with the surgeon who will be cutting my ear, I discovered something which probably shouldn't surprise me:   This melanoma thing is a bigger deal than I was originally told. Instead of a "local" in the University of South Florida Department of Dermatology offices, I will need full-blown surgery. Apparently, there

27 10, 2011

Celgene’s 3rd quarter financials released this morning

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I just posted a press release from Celgene, announcing their 3rd quarter financials for 2011 on my site. This is important information for the multiple myeloma community, since Celgene manufactures three key multiple myeloma related drugs:  Thalomid (thalidomide), Revlimid and pomalidomide. Bottom line:  Celgene raised its full year 2011 financial guidance.  This guidance consists

24 10, 2011

Newly diagnosed multiple myeloma patient resource available on my homepage

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I often receive emails with questions from newly diagnosed multiple myeloma patients, their caregivers and/or family members. Truth be told, the majority of these emails are from friends and family--probably because the patient is understandably in a state of shock. I want to remind everyone that this site features a NEWLY DIAGNOSED PATIENTS  reference section,

23 10, 2011

I’m not going to let a few chemotherapy related side-effects slow me down!

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Consecutive M-spike nonoclonal protein readings of 0.5--and now 0.6--seem to confirm my autologous stem cell transplant failed to vanquish my multiple myeloma. So how did it feel, starting the same Revlimid/Velcade/dexamethasone chemotherapy cocktail I had endured for four, three week cycles prior to my transplant Wednesday? Physically, not so bad. The dexamethasone (Decadron) that is

18 10, 2011

Dr. Berenson to release video series about MGUS

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One of the multiple myeloma specialists who reviewed my lab results last week, Dr. James Berenson, commented on an article I wrote last year about MGUS yesterday. I didn't want his comments to get lost, so I thought I would share them with you here: Pat – Just released a series of education videos on

17 10, 2011

Explore using uncommon alternatives if Revlimid and Velcade aren’t working…

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Here is a LINK to a story the Myeloma Beacon ran late last week about a European study, featuring an existing cancer drug, bendamustine (trade name:  Treanda). Like a dozen other experimental drugs, bendamustine shows promise against multiple myeloma. The difference is, this drug may work in patients with few if any remaining options. And

17 10, 2011

Today is a travel day…


Nothing gets your mind off myeloma related worries like a trip back home to Wisconsin to see a University of Wisconsin Homecoming game--and then heading up to Green Bay to watch the Packers play. Fun! Pattie and I are flying back to Tampa later today.  I will post something more then. Feel good and keep

16 10, 2011

Tips on how to get a second opinion without ever leaving home!

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I was fortunate to receive a pair of detailed, helpful responses to my query about what to do following my disappointing auto stem cell transplant numbers last week. Did I have an advantage because I’m a patient advocate and write about multiple myeloma?  Probably.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t get insider access and tips,