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Did You Know Ann Landers Died From Multiple Myeloma?

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Did You Know Ann Landers Died From Multiple Myeloma?

Did you know that famous advice columnist, Ann Landers,  died from complications associated with Multiple Myeloma?

I had no idea–probably because she died in 2002, five years before I was diagnosed.  This is a perfect example of how oblivious many of us tend to be about medical details, unless someone close to us is involved.

Check-out this excellent, “blast from the past” article I saved from yesterday’s

The Monday After: Advice columnist Landers wowed Canton in 1961

By Gary Brown – October 4th

It seems like a moment from early history. When Ann Landers came to Canton to speak in October 1961, she had been writing her advice column for only six years.

By the time she died of multiple myeloma in 2002, she had written the syndicated feature for almost half a century and it was being published in more than 1,200 newspapers for an estimated 90 million readers.

And during that time many — perhaps most — of us became familiar with her work…

Want to read more?  CLICK HERE.

I’m just glad we are living with multiple myeloma now, instead of ten years ago.  So many more options, many with far fewer side-effects.

Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat