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How Do You Like Our New Look?

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How Do You Like Our New Look?

I’m so excited!

Today, we are launching our updated, new and improved blog site, featuring more pictures, video and up to the minute access to research articles and clinical trials.

This is all designed to help multiple myeloma patients and caregivers learn to live better lives with multiple myeloma.  Granted, all of the bells and whistles aren’t installed yet.   But there should be more than enough here to keep everyone but the youngest computer savvy readers busy for a while.

I want to give a shout-out to Matt at The BitWorks in Taylors Falls, Minnesota, for helping me and Pattie get this site started almost three years ago.

Special thanks to our volunteer tech here in Florida, Robb, for helping us take this next step.

I will admit that I’m a bit intimidated by all of the multimedia options and new format.  But as I may have shared with you before, we all need to become more open to change–especially those of us dealing with multiple myeloma.

So thanks for reading.  And don’t forget to feel good, keep smiling and visit again tomorrow!  Pat