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Insightful/inspirational reader comment deserves special attention

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Insightful/inspirational reader comment deserves special attention

Did you happen to notice Kate’s insightful comment earlier this week about Wednesday’s Post?  I thought it was worth a second look:

I look forward to hearing those 2nd and 3rd opinions. I hope you include your process in selecting those docs as opposed to Mayo, Dana Farber etc.

I’m glad you reminded me, Kate!  Dr. Berenson and Dr. Orlowski would both be considered among the top ten best known multiple myeloma experts in the United States.

Honestly, I selected Dr. Berenson, first because I knew him, which made a quick response more likely.  But I also figured his perspective would be far different than Dr. Orlowski’s.  I have heard Dr. Orlowski speak several times.  I wrote an article about one of his presentations:

Dr. Robert Orlowski From M.D. Anderson Previews Exciting, Positive New Therapy Data To Be Revealed At ASH

He impresses me.  Young, compassionate, hopeful, bright.  I put him in my “top five myeloma docs” list.

I should write a post about that!  Maybe someone out there could help me publish a line of “MYELOMA STARS” baseball style, celebrity sports cards, featuring the best and brightest multiple myeloma specialists.!

Just imagine…  You could have rookie cards, cards featuring hall of fame members–like Dr. Kyle from Mayo and Dr. Barlogie at Arkansas…

Anyway, Dr. Orlowski often tweets about my posts, sharing them with the readers of his newsletter.

So once again, I knew it was likely that I would get a quick response.

Remember, Dr. Alsina wanted me to start RVD earlier this week, but I put it off until Tuesday.

I have met many of the Mayo Clinic docs, and know a number of them personally.  I have attended a number of Dr. Rajkumar’s presentations and had the opportunity to ask him questions.  He is one of the best.

But I believe I know what Dr. Rajkumar and the other Mayo Clinic docs I know would suggest–and RVD would be fine.

I have met and interviewed Dr. Anderson at Dana-Farber.  Dr. Richardson there is also excellent.  I have heard him speak several times, but I haven’t met him.

Again, I think they would approve of the RVD consolidation therapy as well.

Why no Arkansas?  I don’t have any direct contacts at UAMS.  Besides, I really don’t consider my situation to warrant major intervention or discussion–yet.

Now, if RVD isn’t working, that’s a whole new ballgame (to continue with my baseball card metaphor)…  Too early to think about that!  If I do, I wouldn’t be following Kate’s sage advice below.

That’s a long answer to your question, Kate.  But it ties-in with today’s topic.  Let’s move on to the second part of your comment:

For many years I worked with HIV/AIDS patients and ofen said as encouragement “you are not your lab results”….easier said than done but it is essential to remember as we live each day. (not to sound corny)
Thanks for your sharing.

Corny?  NO WAY!  I love that!  “You are not your lab results.”  Reading this made my day!

By the way, I did let Kate know that I was going to “dissect” her comments today.  Kate, your thoughts–as with all of my readers contributions and opinions–are always greatly appreciated!  Sorry if I embarrassed you…

I was going to post today about ways my readers can creatively generate second opinions like I did this week.  But since I’m running long, guess that will have to wait until tomorrow.

Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat