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We needed a day off!

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We needed a day off!

It has been a trying and stressful two days.  Calls to and from friends and relatives about my disappointing post-transplant news has gotten to the point that it has become almost paralyzing.

So what’s a guy and his lovely wife to do?  HIT THE BEACH!

It was a cool and windy day today by Florida standards–partly sunny and in the 70’s.  A perfect day to walk along the beach in Honeymoon Island State Park near Clearwater.

Pattie and I usually plan trips like this days in advance.  But this morning, we just looked at each other and said “Lets start driving south!”

We stopped and shopped a bit in the quaint, Gulf Coast town of Dunedin, enjoyed a quiet lunch and then hit the beach.

I have much news to share about my medical situation.  But not now.

Please indulge me and allow us one more day to adjust to my now, almost certain future filled with needles and drugs–lots and lots of drugs–most of which won’t be recreational.  DARN IT!

Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat